Build a network of PYRK public servers + wallet integration

  • Hello,

    I have been running Pungo Wallet for a while - check in Google Play - and recently have shifted the project towards a community based approach.

    At Pungo, we are actually hand-picking coins we think are worth it, which have a great community & dedicated team behind (avoiding scams and zombie coins). No matter the trading volume or the exchanges they are listed in.

    We think there is a wide range of real world use cases and we plan to build long term relations with the coins we support and work towards reaching more users and further develop specific opportunities that arise.

    Pungo has a small budget, a dedicated team behind and lots of passion. We like to build things calmly and step by step. While some big wallets like Magnum wallet are closing its doors Pungo, after a break during this summer to clarify its position has come back to stay: more at

    We have been involved in crypto for some years now. As an example, we have been running 2 Notary Nodes (AR & SH) elected by the Komodo community for 3 Seasons now.

    We like the fresh approach of PYRK, its healthy community and the practical approach of its development team. Community voted proposals are a positive way to enable participation, innovation and project evolution, hence we think it's important to start participating to build a vibrant community around PYRK.

    The proposal that we want to offer to the PYRK community includes setting up several services that will be useful by anyone wishing to integrate PYRK in an easy way. Those are the following:

    • Create an Electrumx fork in Github supporting PYRK, available for anyone wishing to use it

    • Mantain 3 public Electrumx servers with high SLA's:, and that can be used by anyone wishing to interact with PYRK blockchain

    • Add PYRK into Pungo multicoin wallet

    We think its good to set a yearly proposal because of the initial effort/set up time of the services above mentioned.

    We are considering 12 monthly payments that correspond to the service provided each month since we think it's important that the payments are performed as the service is provided, not in advance. However by choosing the monthly payments we also assume a high price fluctuation risk.

    As a result we have defined a proposal of 12 payments of 4000 PYRK to cover the above commented services during the upcoming 12 months.

  • The proposal has been submitted to the network.

    It has the following ID:

    In order to VOTE YES and support it, you can do it by doing the following:

    To vote from pyrk-qt (graphical wallet), go to Tools > Debug console and type:

    gobject vote-many f9a182d4e2e435b9a708a5aaf19579242ba6f751b1791ee9ab8ab5fd7c7a7b4a funding yes

    The first payment is shceduled for december, however as soon as the proposal passes we will start working on it.

    We are looking forward for the community feedback. Lets build PYRK!

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