Lowering the network difficulty with locked staking

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    im running 21 Masternode to support project as i like multi algo mining option. What i want to explain is something that has already successfully implemented in coin with ticker QKC(QuarkChain) Ethash algo. They wanted to be competitive with ETH and ETC mining, so they implemented PoWS. Miners mine, and stakers stake, but where is the catch. To be competitive with ETH they implemented staking on certain chard with locking certain amount of coins for period of mining, in exchange you get a lower difficulty on picked chain, so for example you open web wallet and make a stake with 2000 coins, in exchange for that your mining difficulty is lowered in the manner that you earning more then if you mine ETH or ETC. As long as you staking your difficulty is lower. Im tracking that project from their Market Cap of 500k and for 3 months they went to 10.000.000$ with really stable price. They have Telegram group where Stakers and miners collaborate together, so one guys make a deal with miner with for example 100mh/s . Staker buy coins on exchange and make a staking contract on certain shard , provide to miner details to put so that he can get lower difficulty, and rewards are split. For project to live, you need to be competitive somehow , they solved that with this method. Im not programmer , i dont know how difficult this be to implement but i think that this can boost everything a lot. Miners will try to hold coins to get lower difficulty , stakers will get rewards with miners, Masternodes will support everything and project will sky rocket.

  • Interesting. I'll check their codebase and see how they did this.

    • Mike

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